Brandi Morlen


As a designer with the heart of a sociologist, I believe my responsibility is to create work that serves a greater purpose than just being aesthetically pleasing. I am passionate about designing products and services that matter using creative strategy, research, and collaboration.

I’m originally from Orlando, Florida and remain terrified I’ll one day find out, in fact, I am related to Florida Man. I’ve lived in Orlando, Tampa, Busan (South Korea), and now Chicago which lends itself to the confusion of my sports team loyalties: Go Steelers!

I geek out about social / emotional learning and intelligence, especially when applied to early education. A fair amount of books* I’ve purchased were originally picked up based solely on cover design. I recently learned I suffer from Cute Aggression and will absolutely squeal at the sight of a dog walking itself with its leash in his mouth. And after several countries worth of interesting solo travel adventures, I’ve ruled out being a digital nomad — or top of my class survivalist, for that matter — but will absolutely evangelize the pure joy that comes from sharing a meal with strangers in a foreign city.